Calibration Gas Supplier (Air Liquide,CalGaz,STG) Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE Middle East, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Armenia

Calibration Gas Suppliers (Air Liquide,CalGaz,STG) Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE, Saudi, Qatar, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Armenia

We are Global suppliers for Calibration Gas- (AIR LIQUIDE-CALGAZ-STG) Calibration Gas suppliers Dubai, Iraq, Saudi, Kuwait, Qatar UAE Middle East, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Armenia & Africa.

We have a wide range of certified calibration gasses, flow regulators and Calibration Gas Cylinders ex-stock in Dubai. Calibration Gas range includes but is not limited to :

Calibration Gas

  • Non-Reactive Calibration Gas

  • BENZENE (C6H6), Range: 1-5 ppm, Balance: Air
  • BUTANE (C4H10), Range: 10 ppm-0.9% vol., Balance: Air
  • CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2), Range: 50 ppm-100% vol., Balance: Air or Nitrogen
  • CARBON MONOXIDE (CO), Range: 10-2000 ppm, Balance: Air or Nitrogen
  • ETHYLENE (C2H4), Range: 10 ppm-1.35% vol., Balance: Air
  • HELIUM (He), Range: 100% vol., Balance: N/A
  • HEXANE (C6H14), Range: 10 ppm-0.48% vol., Balance: Air
  • HYDROGEN (H2), Range: 10 ppm-2.0% vol., Balance: Air or Nitrogen
  • ISOBUTYLENE (C4H8), Range: 10-250 ppm, Balance: Air
  • METHANE (CH4), Range: 10 ppm-2.5% vol., Balance: Air or Nitrogen
  • METHYL CHLORIDE (CH3Cl), Range: 10-300 ppm, Balance: Air or Nitrogen
  • METHYLENE CHLORIDE (CH2C12), Range: 10-200 ppm, Balance: Air
  • NITROGEN (N2), Range: 100% vol., Balance: N/A
  • OXYGEN (O2), Range: 0.4-100% vol., Balance: Nitrogen
  • PENTANE (C5H12), Range: 10 ppm-0.75% vol., Balance: Air
  • PROPANE(C3H8), Range: 10 ppm-1.1% vol., Balance: Air
  • PROPYLENE (C3H6), Range: 50 ppm-5.6% vol., Balance: Nitrogen
  • TOLUENE (C7H8), Range: 10-150 ppm, Balance: Air
  • ZERO Air, Range: 20.9% OXGYEN / Nitrogen, Balance: N/A
  • Reactive Calibration Gas

  • AMMONIA (NH3), Range: 10-500 ppm, Balance: Air or Nitrogen
  • CHLORINE (C12), Range: 2-1000 ppm, Balance: Nitrogen
  • ETHYLENE OXIDE (ETO ), Range: 3-1000 ppm, Balance: Nitrogen
  • HYDROGEN CHLORIDE (HCL), Range: 3-1000 ppm, Balance: Nitrogen
  • HYDROGEN CYANIDE (HCN), Range: 5-20 ppm, Balance: Nitrogen
  • HYDROGEN SULFIDE (H2S), Range: 5 ppm-1.0% vol., Balance: Air or Nitrogen
  • NITRIC OXIDE (NO), Range: 5-900 ppm, Balance: Nitrogen
  • NITROGEN DIOXIDE (NO2), Range: 3-200 ppm, Balance: Air or Nitrogen
  • PHOSPHINE (PH3), Range: 0.5-15 ppm, Balance: Nitrogen
  • SILANE (SiH4), Range: 5-10 ppm, Balance: Nitrogen
  • SULFER DIOXIDE (SO2), Range: 2-100 ppm, Balance: Air or Nitrogen


Shipping / Delivery

Our head office based in Dubai, U.A.E. and branch offices in Europe and North America, gives us an opportunity to provide strong logistic support along with door-to-door service globally. Note that due to our very strong logistics capabilities we can commit as low as 10 days delivery cycles for all our Products for non ex-stock items.

We have extensive international market experience with Clients mainly in Asia (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan), East Africa (Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Djibouti), West Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Algeria, Mauritania) & CIS (Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Armenia).

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    Quick Wiki ! :: Calibration Gas

    Calibration Gas : From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A calibration gas is a reference gas or gas mixture used as comparative standard in the calibration of analytical instruments, like gas analysers or gas detectors. Therefore, a calibration gas has to be of a precisely defined nature or composition, like zero gas or span gas, for example 500 ppm carbon monoxide in nitrogen.

    To be a calibration gas, the gas must be traceable to a national or international standard. Traceability is the unbroken chain of comparisons to an acceptable international standard. The calibration gas standard establishes a known analyzer response to a certified chemical component concentration. In the calibration gas, preparation tolerance (P.T) and certification/analytical accuracy (CA) are of utmost importance.

    Preparation tolerance is the concentration range that includes minor component and concentration. PT is measured in range of concentration. It can also be referred to as blending tolerance. For instance, a calibration gas of 500 ppm CO balance nitrogen having PT +/- 10% contains between 450 ppm and 550 ppm. Preparation tolerance can be minimized by using latest technologies for manufacturing such gases. Preparation tolerance is decided on the basis of the manufacturer’s experience and the customer’s requirements.

    Certification/analytical accuracy is defined as the agreement of measured values with its true value. Certification values are determined statistically, considering the uncertainties accompanied by the international standard (reference standard) to which it is traceable, instrument uncertainty, and instability (reactivity) of gas in the container.


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